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    How can I place Tagged Text in InDesign


      I use tagged text in the files I place

      in InDesign. For example,


      <cn>This is the chapter number


      <ct>This is the chapter title


      <cst>This is the chapter subtitle


      <bt>This is the beginning of the body text


      <ah>This is an A-level head


                      and so on. In PageMaker, there was a checkbox in the "place"

      dialogue box named "Read tags." I checked that, and when I placed the file in the template (in which I had the styles defined), the whole chapter appeared with the formatting I wanted for each style.


                      I can't find the equivalent checkbox in InDesign. I can't believe it is no longer there, but search as I do, I can't find it. There is a lot online about exporting tagged text, but where, oh where, is my checkbox for placing tagged text? If someone knows where it is, I'd be very grateful.