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    What's the best setup / use for Thunderbolt + SSD iMac ?

    klp29 Level 1



      I'm testing one of the new 27" iMacs (i7, 16gb ram, SSD, 2tb internal HD, external Promise Thunderbolt disk)


      I have until Monday to decide to keep it or return it and I'm doing this test to see if it would make a good second computer for our editing (primary is 8 core MacPro).


      I can either afford this 27" iMac with a Promise Thunderbolt disk OR anoher MacPro with 4 internal disks.


      Can someone please share with me how I would get max performance out of the iMac-setup?


      Here's what I THINK prior to adding the Thunderbolt disk:


      Internal SSD => Lion + apps

      Internal HD => imported videofiles, scratchdisk, cache etc. and export disk


      But then......... how should the situation change when adding the Thunderbolt drive ?


      Is the Thunderbolt so fast, that all video data should be placed there or would I benefit from placing SOME part on the internal HD, and OTHER parts on the external Thunderbolt ?


      Or even more complex ........ should I use all three disks (also the SSD) for different parts of the video / process and if so, what's your thoughts?


      Or......... would you go for yet another 8 core Macpro without SSD and Thunderbolt??


      Thank you for the inputs on this