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    custom token to for authentication drm content

    David_RealEyes Level 1

      We are trying to pass a custom token to for authentication drm content with Flash Access and having issues.


      Seems similar to this post: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/879536


      But the resolutions are not working for us. We never get DRMState.AUTHENTICATING.


      We are using OSMF 1.6 release (I believe we previously tried 1.5 as well). Should note that when using the Flash Access reference application we can get it to work, but that isnt OSMF.




      protected function onMediaElementTraitAdd( event:MediaElementEvent ):void


      if( event.traitType == MediaTraitType.DRM )



      drmTrait = mediaPlayer.media.getTrait( MediaTraitType.DRM ) as DRMTrait;

      drmTrait.addEventListener(DRMEvent.DRM_STATE_CHANGE, onDRMTraitDRMStateChange);




      At this point drmTrait.drmState = “uninitialized”


      I also tried listening to the media player:

      1. player.addEventListener(DRMEvent.DRM_STATE_CHANGE, onDRMStateChange);




      The drm state change handler only fires once and its’ drmState is then authenticationError with an error of #3304