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    TOC issue

    rigoliarts Level 1

      Working on a MacBookPro OS 10.6.8 InDesign cs5

      I designed a book in InDesign. I styled all chapter headings the same and went to Layout > Table of Contents, I specified what styles I wanted in the TOC, then clicked okay. I get a message that says "The Table of Contents has been updated successfully." But the problem is, I don't see the TOC anywhere in my document and I don't get that loaded cursor either.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The "updated" message sounds suspiciously like ID thinks there was already a TOC someplace. Did you have a text cursor active in your document someplace? If so, there's a good chance ID repalce that story with the TOC.


          When you create a TOC there should be nothing active, and you must always place the TOC stroy as its own story, not threaded with anything else.

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            Grant H Level 4

            ye that or the TOC frame is off the page and you have preview on or you created a tiny TOC text frame by accident.



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              wjnp2000 Level 2

              What do you see on the page? A empty frame? Just a title?

              You gonna see the paragraph style that you created.

              See "keep options", the option keep with the next must be 0 (zero), the option Start paragraph must be "anywhere"

              I hope it helpful.

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                rigoliarts Level 1

                Thanks for the tips. Nothing worked, although I suspect there was a hidden Text box somewhere that contained the ToC that I still can not find. Eventually I saved it as a new ToC style, named it and it gave me the loaded cursor and allowed me to place the Toc on the desired page. So, that was my work-around. Thank you for your suggestions.