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    Premiere 5 randomly crashes


      Hi Guys,


      We have Adobe premiere 5 set up at our school and have been having random crashes ever since its been installed.


      There is no pattern in the crash it can happen when they are editing/viewing/compiling the movies.


      The computers being used are


      Win7 Pro 64bit / Intel Core i7 870 2.93Ghz / 4Gb RAM / 1Tb HDD / Gforce gt 220 / Logitech Z320


      I have updated the video and audio drivers (tried other versions of the drivers people have suggested), we have also tried 5.5 and that has the same issues. When the program crashes it will either freeze for 2 seconds and then restart or just restart straight away (no bsod). When I go to event viewer it only has an event saying Windows restated unexpectedly and there is nothing about premiere.


      The odd thing about it though is that it will work for weeks at a time and then suddenly they will all have issues with the program. I don’t know enough about the program to figure out if its something specific there doing that’s causing the crashes but the students tell me they are crashing all at different times not when they do something specific.


      We also have a laptop with the same install with different specs and that works fine, so it must be an issue with my hardware on the PC’s but I’m running out of ideas.


      Any suggestions would be grateful.



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >4Gb RAM / 1Tb HDD


          2 problems right there...


          4Gig is just barely enough to load Win7 and PPro, and MAY not be enough to actually USE the program without problems... you need more ram, either 12 or 16 Gig


          Only 1 hard drive is below minimum specifications... you need a dedicated 7200rpm drive for the media


          This message has a really good graphic about requirements

          CS5 Requirements http://forums.adobe.com/thread/810750?tstart=0


          My 3 hard drives are configured as...

          1 - 320Gig Boot for Win7 64bit Pro and all program installs

          2 - 320Gig data for Win7 swap file and video project files

          3 - 1Terabyte data for all video files... input & output files (*)

          (*) for 4 drives, drive 3 all source files & drive 4 all output files


          Search Microsoft to find out how to redirect your Windows swap file



          Trying to use only ONE Hard Drive for Video Editing


          You are a music conductor, with a baton that you use to point to various parts of the orchestra... this is like Windows pointing to various parts of the hard drive to do Windows housekeeping or to load program segments for various functions


          Now, at the same time and with the same hand... while still using the baton to conduct the orchestra... pick up a bow and play a fiddle... this would be doing something with your video file at the same time as all the other work


          You as a person cannot do both at the same time with the same hand


          A computer is a LITTLE better, in that it can switch from one kind of task to another very quickly... but not quickly enough for EASY video editing


          You need AT LEAST two hard drives (separate drives, never a partition http://forums.adobe.com/thread/650708?tstart=0 for more) with Windows (or Mac OS) and software on your boot drive, and video files on a 2nd drive so the boot drive is not slowed down by trying to do everything


          I find that the three drives I use work very well for me, for editing AVCHD video... some people use a 4th drive, so video INPUT files are on drive three and all OUTPUT files are on drive four... I only bought a mid-tower case instead of a full tower case (my bad... but had to fit in the space available on my office desk!) so I use the three drives that will fit


          Depending on your exact hardware (motherboard brand & model AND USB2 enclosure brand & model AND external hard drive brand & model) AND the type of video file, you may... or may NOT... be able to use an external USB2 hard drive for SD (Standard Definition) video editing


          Steve Grisetti in the Premiere Elements forum http://forums.adobe.com/thread/856208?tstart=0 and Jim Simon in the Premiere Pro forum http://forums.adobe.com/thread/856433?tstart=0 use USB externals for editing


          A USB3 hard drive connected to a motherboard with USB3 is supposed to be fast enough for video editing (I don't have such, so don't know) but eSata DOES have a fast enough data transfer for video editing... I have not used this eSata Dock... for reference only, YMMV and all the usual disclaimers


          http://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-BlacX-eSATA-Docking-Station/dp/B001A4HAFS/ref=cm_cmu_pg_ t