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    Help required for choosing Livesycle designer or any other

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      I am working on a web based government  project developed using J2EE. The forums are pretty useful. I need help from your team in choosing adobe product for our requirement.


      We have a requirement in which we want to give an off-line form to the client users. ( Unlimited )

      Then, we wanted to give provision to the user to upload the form in the client website.

      finally we retrieve the data from the form and store them in DB.


      For the above requirement I thought of using Adobe LiveCycle designer. Once the form is designed and sent to the end users,

      1. How can the user save the form.

      2.  Can he save the form in pdf / XML or in any other format which he can upload in the website.

      3.  How to read the form in JAVA  i.e like is there any provision to get the fields of the pdf form by calling a method like request.getParameter()  in HTML forms.

           (Including images)                


      Once I get the form fields in Java , I can store them in DB.


      Please help in this regard and suggest the product suitable for our requirement.

      Once it is done then  we will evaluate and plan for buying




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          Designer woudl be used to create a PDF that the user woudl load into their Reader or Acrobat. The PDF woudl submit either the data that the user entered (XML) or the entire PDF to your web server for processing Post it like an HTML form) . The ability to submit outside of the browser and the ability to allow the users to partially file the form and save work in progress and the users are using Reader then you woudl require LiveCycle Reader Extensions to be able to activate the features of Reader. Once you decide what you will submit then you woudl get the  submission into your Java program the same way you woudl an HTML submission.


          I suggest that you contact your local Adobe rep to discuss in more detail.