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    horizontal lines when converting PAL to NTSC

    bravedog Level 1

      I've imported PAL mpeg files into Premiere where they have pronounced "combing" or horizontal lines strongly visible especially during motion when viewing both fields in Premiere Program window and in export, but NOT for same clip in Source window or when viewing the files, before import into Premiere, in Media Player etc.. I've read a number of posts and info on field order, but no changes in the field options dialog box seem to remove them.  I


      It seems to be a defect introduced in Premiere through my Sequence settings and not simply a field settings problem.  I have not set Sequence settings to match clip settings, but to my intended output settings [clips are PAL and I'm exporting to NTSC]. Apparently Premiere in its conversion is introducing these artifacts.


      If I set the Sequence settings to match the clip settings it fixes the problem - but then when I move to Encore and build, won't this just reintroduce the problem [in a way I won't see till I try to watch the dvd]?


      Is it good or bad policy to set Sequence settings to desired output settings [what I've been assuming to now]? Any suggestions on how to avoid creating these "combing" artifacts converting from PAL to NTSC, which seems to be the problem? thanks