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    TOC issue in  Indesign CS5 when exporting to ePUB?


      I am relatively new to Indesign CS5.0. I am tryiing to make a ePub file for a book. I am using the book option to create it. However I need it to have one more TOC that is inside of the document and it is visible and working  after conversion. I have it in the indesign file.I used hyperlinks in InDesign, which lets me select the top thing on a page and make that a  destination. (I named them each with the document name.) I did that for every document in my book. Then in my Contents page I selected each line and made it a hyperlink to that. When i export the book to ePUB all i get is the automatic TOC and the pages where the TOC i created and see in indesign file just desapear. What to do?