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    Mark on Lens... How Can I Remove It?


      Hi guys,


      I recently made a short film. I've been going along fine in the edit: it's taken me a while, but that's another story... The one day I shot entirely handheld and without a monitor/laptop (my crew were mostly ill) Some darned fly smashes into the lens, leaving a dirty great mark all over my footage: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61700422@N08/6196948845/in/photostream/lightbox/ I have AE CS5 and am quite adept, but this one stumped me. How can I remove it? I have obviously tried the clone stamp tool route (motion tracking etc.) but there's just too much to do as I'd have to scrub it out every frame (And I've got about 7000 to do)


      If anyone could help, I would be much obliged...