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    CS5 indesign Exam

    nicolaslevet Level 1

      I feel a bit upset.


      I failed twice at Indesign CS5 exam, the first time in English and the second one in my native language French, I really have the feeling that the French Exam is way more difficult than English, to give you an example: in the first exam I had about 20 questions that were, I think, hard to answer. In French, it's the opposite, 50 questions were a headache. What do you think about that? Am I just unlucky? Or is the French exam really harder. Is there a plot against non-English speakers instigated by aliens at Adobe (ha ha)? Btw, I passed without any problem the CS4 exam in French 2 years ago, I just missed the recertification delay, so I had to pass a whole test again. In addition I use Indesign for ten years as a professionnal designer and I'm taching it in a professionnal school for more than three years.


      Have you had any similar experiences.


      Thanks a lot for your contribution.


      I also posted my message in the French forum

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I was a member of the group that wrote the exam and I can assure you that every effort was made to produce a fair exam. Note that I said fair, not easy.


          As far as I can tell, the general consensus has been that we succeeded and that the InDesign exam is one of the fairest of the ACE exams. I've heard horror stories about some of the others but haven't attempted any of them.