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    This would be hilarious if it didn't cause so much end user rage…

    heavyboots Level 2

      Step 1 - Attempt to download latest system-wide Flash Player update for Mac OS from the Chrome browser.


      Results: Can't be done. 'Cause Chrome uses a different plug-in and all end users are feeble minded children who must be kept in a box.


      Step 2 - Launch Safari and download latest Flash Player update that way instead.


      Step 3 - Quit Safari and try and install latest Flash Player update.


      Results: Can't be done! Because Chrome is still running! LOLWUT?! But I thought you said Chrome had a different plug-in?


      Seriously, why can no two people at Adobe seem to work together. Are you guys really surprised that people are desparately trying to move away from your plug-in? And this comes from someone developing Flash multimedia stuff for a living.