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    Some problems with NumericStepper, IME, Japanese Numeric Characters


      Hello World!


      I've some problems to input Japanese Numeric Characters in NumericStepper.

      I work on Mac OSX 10.6.8 with Debug Flash Player 10.3.183.x and I built my project with SDK 4.5.1.

      I've made a sample project to debug it. This project has a TextArea and a NumericStepper.

      I've switched my IME to "Hiragana" characters.

      I can put every characters in TextArea. But when I want to put a numeric value in NumericStepper. There are just the characters typed with the numeric keypad, which are considered.

      for exemple :

      numeric keypad characters : 123 (considered)

      japanese numeric characters (above the alphabetic characters on the keyboard) : 123 (not considered)


      I've tried many different combination with :




      focusIn/focusOut on NumericStepper to change IME behavior.

      imeMode option on NumericStepper


      But I never found a clever solution.

      It's very boring for my Japanese Customers.


      I've scoured google without found a solution.


      What should I do to make NumericStepper accept numeric characters Japanese?


      I hope you can help me.