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    CS5 frozen when iMac wakes from sleep mode


      This problem just started, and I don't know if it's an INDD problem or a Finder problem. When I wake my computer from sleep and try to access INDD I can't. I click on the application icon in the Dock and it won't come to the front. All my other applications will. I have to force quit INDDD every time, and re-open it. This is whether I have a document open or not. I tried zapping the PRAM and shutting down, unplugging everything and starting back up but neither of those helped. Any advice or ideas of what could be wrong?

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          Grant H Level 4

          what version OS u using?

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            peter minneapolis Level 4

            I've found that when InDesign has not been the active (frontmost) application for some time, it's very slow to fully revive when brought to the front. "Some time" seems to be longish, perhaps half an hour or more. It also depends on what other applications have been active, because, some of them consume lots of RAM, and if you don't have a HUGE amount (8GB or more) it takes for those applications to free the memory they've been using. When InDesign's been in the background long enough to think of itself as stale or idle, it saves stuff to the disk, to free the RAM; again, depending on how much RAM you have this may or may not happen, and the time for InDesign to revive fully may vary, especially if your hard drive is short on space.


            If you're using InDesign files that are stored on a network, there's always a lag of some kind.


            So, for any or all of the above possibilities, try to wait as long as you can, for InDesign to revive, before forcing it closed. Forced closing may corrupt InDesign document files and possibly also the saved Preferences and also the files that restore other settings when InDesign starts.


            It may help isolate the cause of the problem if you'd keep a history of what applications were open when InDesign became a background application, and how long InDesign was in the background before it refuses to become active when the Dock icon is clicked. Have you tried Cmd+Tab to switch to InDesign? (Personally, I've found that when ID stubbornly won't respond to one method to revive, it's unresponsive to all.


            One thing I haven't tried is to quit other applications, waiting a bit, and then trying to activate InDesign.


            Finally, how much RAM and disk space do you have? How much total, and how much free, for each. You can get this info from the tabs above the lower section of the Activity Monitor window.











            Peter Gold

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              MinaEink Level 1

              My active INDD files are not on a network. I'll try the things you suggested and see what happens.

              I have 4GB memory, and it looks like I've used almost 3GB of it.


              Oh, and if I don't put my computer to sleep, I can access INDD anytime, even if I don't touch the computer for hours.

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                John Hawkinson Level 5

                Two diagnostics that will help us figure out what's up.

                Please upload their output to http://pastebin.com, don't post them in the forum. They are too long and make the forum unnavigable.


                1. Run Activity Monitor. Select InDesign. Sample Process. Save to a file. Upload file.

                2. Still in Activity Monitor, go to View > Send Signal: Abort (SIGABRT). InDesign will crash and you will get a crash report. Upload the report.


                I'll interpret them for you (as best I can) and we'll see what we can find.

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                  MinaEink Level 1


                  I did what you said and the results are on pastebin. It's titled "Indesign Crash Sleep Mode"

                  Thanks so much!!!

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                    John Hawkinson Level 5

                    Best to post the actual URL. I assume this is: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=d6TgEEMv.


                    Anyhow,  both diagnostics are pretty revealing. From the crash report:


                    Thread 0 Crashed:  Main Thread  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
                    0   libSystem.B.dylib                  0x96475aa2 __semwait_signal + 10
                    1   libSystem.B.dylib                  0x9647575e _pthread_cond_wait + 1191
                    2   libSystem.B.dylib                  0x964773f8 pthread_cond_wait$UNIX2003 + 73
                    3   ...extensis.cpp-core-framework     0x2552e640 GCondition::Wait() + 48
                    4   ...extensis.cpp-core-framework     0x255d1e6a GThread::StopThread(bool) + 214
                    5   ...extensis.cpp-core-framework     0x255d36d1 GThread::~GThread() + 45
                    6   ...extensis.cpp-core-framework     0x25555d4e GIPCClient::~GIPCClient() + 1214
                    7   ....ExtensisFontManagement.sdk     0x25a99854 GAgentIF_IPC_Impl::~GAgentIF_IPC_Impl() + 34
                    8   ....ExtensisFontManagement.sdk     0x25a98b5b GAgentIF::~GAgentIF() + 113
                    9   ....ExtensisFontManagement.sdk     0x25823b42 boost::detail::sp_counted_impl_p<GAgentIF>::dispose() + 24
                    10  ...extensis.cpp-core-framework     0x2552ad9f boost::detail::sp_counted_base::release() + 37
                    11  ....ExtensisFontManagement.sdk     0x25823cd5 void boost::shared_ptr<GAgentIF>::reset<GAgentIF>(GAgentIF*) + 79
                    12  ....ExtensisFontManagement.sdk     0x2581dacb GMystiqueSdk::CreateAgentIF(boost::shared_ptr<GAgentIF>&, unsigned long) + 95
                    13  ....ExtensisFontManagement.sdk     0x257b03d3 GMystiqueConfig::GetRunningAgentProductMode(GMystiqueConfig::EProductMode&) + 121
                    14  ....ExtensisFontManagement.sdk     0x257b72ca GMystiqueConfig::GetIsAgentRunningByProductMode(GMystiqueConfig::EProductMode, bool&) + 746
                    15  ....ExtensisFontManagement.sdk     0x257b8635 GMystiqueConfig::GetIsCoreAgentProcessRunning(bool&) + 33
                    16  ...Management.plugin-interface     0x25388601 GetIsCoreAgentProcessRunning + 28
                    17  ...is.AutoActivationPlugin.ID7     0x24beac0c CoreAgentInterface::ProcessNotifications() + 232
                    18  ...is.AutoActivationPlugin.ID7     0x24bdab16 SuitcaseIdleTask::RunTask(unsigned long, IdleTimer*) + 710
                    19  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x1a75ff85 GetPlugIn + 242005
                    20  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x1a760eac GetPlugIn + 245884
                    21  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x1a702e78 0x1a700000 + 11896
                    22  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x1a7285fa GetPlugIn + 14282
                    23  com.adobe.InDesign                 0x000028ab main + 187
                    24  com.adobe.InDesign                 0x000027c6 start + 54

                    It's Extensis Suitcase Fusion's auto-activiation plugin!

                    So, disable it to confirm. Then make sure you're running the latest version, and if so, take it up with Extensis. I believe they have free support on their web site.


                    Also, you should upgrade InDesign to 7.0.4, you're running 7.0.3, and there were a lot of fixes.

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                      MinaEink Level 1

                      It WAS the Suitcase Fusion 3 auto-activation plug-in. Thanks for diagnosing it, John. Now to contact Extensis to see what to do.



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                        MinaEink Level 1

                        This is the reply I got from Extensis after I sent them Suitcase logs, system font list, and preferences:



                        I've added your name to a list of users having the same issue, and turned your files over to development.

                        I don't have a fix currently, but going back to 14.0.6. If this is something you are interested in doing let me know.