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    Memory Allocation Error

    benny TRT

      Memory Allocation Error-What does this mean? 

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on what conditions you receive it under.


          If you're working on a project, it could be an indication that you need to render. Are there red lines above the clips on your timeline? If so, press Enter to render. The red lines will turn green, the project will play back more like  a finished project and your memory errors will go away.


          Other possible issues are a project that hasn't been set up to match the specs of the video you're using as your source video, photos in the project that are larger than 1000x750, a computer without enough free, defragmented space or any of a dozen other possibilities. But in order to speculate, we'll need to know a lot more about your system and your source video, per the announcement/notice at the top of this forum page.

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            benny TRT Level 1


            Thanks for the reply.  I have been using Adobe Premiere for many years.  I

            am working on a football highlight tape.  I have made many-usually about 1

            hour in length,  My computer has a lot of memory-I have an external hard

            drive. Maybe I use too many titles-I don't know.  Last night, after

            rendering the project, I would begin burning a DVD and my progam would

            stop working.  I would reload and 3 areas would be red again.  I tried to

            burn the DVD without rendering the 3 areas.  My DVD got within 1% being

            done and DVD gets rejected.  I do disconnect my computer from internet and

            am putting my Norton Anti-virus on snooze.  My program often shuts down

            when working with titles-very sensitive.


            Seems like if I just keep trying, the projects eventually burn.  I have

            never seen the memory error come up before.  I was wondering if I had too

            much stuff on the Adobe sight because every project clip/picture/song or

            video stays on the project sight.


            PS How do I get the online stuff that comes with Premiere 9?  It says I

            have to have a personal URL address.  Why? What is this?  Why can't I just

            download the stuff to my computer?


            Ron Benson


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I don't have enough information about your source video, project settings or computer hardware to answer why your computer can't produce a DVD of your project. It could be that your project isn't set up right or you have too many temp files or too much fragmentation or not enough room on your drive. I can't say.


              Did my solution above resolve your out of memory issues?


              As for material from Photoshop.com -- it is only available my logging on to Photoshop.com. That's the nature of it. The only why I can give you is that that's how it's designed to work. You're welcome to contact Adobe and try to convince them that they should be doing it another way.


              There is additional content that is available as a download from Adobe.com (or an a second installation disc, if you bought the boxed program). Once you've registered the product, you should be able to download that.