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    Extent to which IPv6 is supported in CF8/9/10?

    Ron.Stewart Level 1

      The suits have indicated that our DMZ will be "fully IPv6-compliant" (their words, not mine) by early next calendar year. After asking a couple of questions, I believe they think that means that the servers in the DMZ will be running in a mode where all network addressing is using IPv6 and IPv4 will be disabled.


      I'm trying to figure out what that means in terms of our CF servers and CF applications there. From looking at some of the CF docs and from experience, I know there is some support for IPv6 within at least CF8 and later, but I am also seeing indications that the support may not currently be complete.


      Can someone who has been down this road or from within the Adobe CF team comment on the following:


      1. Can anything within the CF Administrator where hostnames are used support IPv6 addresses in the same way it currently supports IPv4 addresses? I know for instance that IPv6 addresses work in specifying debugging IPs, but what about JDBC connections, mailserver connections, etc.?


      2. Do all CFML tags and their CFSCRIPT equivalents completely support IPv6? For instance, does CFHTTP work if the URL is specified with an IPv6 address rather than a hostname?


      3. Do all CFML functions support IPv6? A couple of examples would include IsValid("url", address-in-ipv6-format), IsValid("email", user@address-in-ipv6-format), the XML validation functions which issue http requests in order to retrieve schemas.


      I've done a bit of checking, and at leas the preliminary indication I have right based on that testing is that IsValid("url", address) does not yet support it. All three of the following should be equivalent:

      IsValid("url", "https://fastweb.inel.gov/")

      IsValid("url", "")

      IsValid("url", "https://[2002:CC86:8C3C:0:0:0:0:0/]")


      Only the first two return an indication of validity, the third (and all other equivalent versions of the IPv6 address) indicates it is not valid, but it really should be.


      At any rate, can anyone shed any further light on answers to those questions above or other IPv6-related areas within ColdFusion?


      Thanks in advance.