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    Deactivation succesfull ?


      I have installed PRE 9 and bought now the new PRE 10.

      I installed the 10 versaion on the same computer with no problems. Next week I will reinstall this version on a new computer that I bought.

      I understand that I need to deactivate in order to do that and tried that with the 9 version.

      I enter in the deactivation screen and selected the "permant" option. I am connected to the internet and select "continue". But nothing further seems to be happening.

      I verified with a ping to the activate.adobe.com site that I am connected.

      After 10 minutes I close the screen and I am asked if I am sure to do that.

      My question is: was the the deactivation was succesfull?

      I supposed to find the program with the limitations os a trial version (with a watermark on when shared to a mpg file) but that was not the case.