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    security update for RH8 question


      I'm trying to apply the new security update recommended in this forum. These are the instructions:


      Download APSB11_09.zip. This .zip file contains two files: 

      1. wf_status.htm 
      2. wf_topicfs.htm

        To apply the update to your RoboHelp installation, follow the steps below: 

      1. Extract the files from the APSB11_09.zip folder to a temporary location. 
      2. Back up the files "wf_status.htm" and "wf_topicfs.htm" from the "<Installation Directory>/RoboHTML/WildFireExt/TemplateStock" folder. 
      3. Replace the files "wf_status.htm" and "wf_topicfs.htm" in the "<Installation Directory>/RoboHTML/WildFireExt/TemplateStock" folder with the updated "wf_status.htm" and "wf_topicfs.htm" files extracted from the .zip file. 
      4. Regenerate flashhelp (for RoboHelp) and/or flashhelp pro (for RoboHelp Server) output.


      Question: To me, I'm replacing the same files. Am I missing something?


      This is what my unzipped folder looks like: