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    AE CS5 and CS5.5 crashes on a brand new machine




      today I was so happy to install AE CS5  (as a part of the Master Collection) on my new Dell M6600, WIn 7 &4bit, Sp1

      with i7-2920XM processor, 16 GB 1600 MHz RAM,SSD SATA III drive and.....the amazing 4 GB Quadro 5010M


      Obviously, I spent some money, but this machine has to work like a horse and AE is not the only load it has to move.

      ........however, I sadly noticed that After Effects crashes like never before.

      I have no idea why, the Nvidia drivers are up to date, also I installed all updates for AE CS5 and I even

      installed a test version of AE CS5.5. Same thing:

      - after AE started, it takes at most 30 seconds and it asks me whether I want to save this new project and

      I can press any of the 3 options and AE simply disappears.

      - also, when I try import a text file (OK stupid idea just testing it) it disappears immeadiately wiithout saying good bye.


      I already disabled and eventually deleted the AE OpenGL plugin, but nothing changes.


      Also in the Nvidia settings I even disabled the option to treat AE by this card, that is, it should merely

      be use the Intel HD graphics....still same result....of course, I rebooted several times to be sure that

      the changes really apply.


      Dell believes it must be the Graphics Card, and although this would be case of warranty, I would like

      to ask if any AE expert had an idea whether this is THE solution, otherwise several thousand dollars

      would simply be destroyed for no good reason.