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    Encore not loading codecs!!


      Ok, so I haven't seen any kind of solution to this issue, and was hoping somone may have found a work around.


      I have a full copy of CS5

      No Trial.


      When I launch Encore it tells me:


      "Additional codecs that are not included in the trial version of adobe encore cs5 must be installed"


      So I press ok, and it gets about 6-7% through downloading the codecs and then all of the sudden stops and says:


      "Installation was successful.  Encore must be restarted before the new codecs are available"


      So I again I press ok and absolutely nothing happens.  So I try starting encore again with the same results.  It goes through this over and over and over.


      I'm not going to uninstall my entire creative suite because of this crap.  I'm sorry but its not worth the hours of going through all that,  I can't afford that much downtime.  So please god, someone tell me there is something I can do beside throwing adobe out my window.