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    printing black

    boomwater Level 1

      well, here I go again. The same ol' problem. Am saving a full colour document to pdf but when I check the pdf the Solid black borders and panel are showing as semi transparent when going over the top of the full colour pics . When using acrobat overview when I place cursor over the black with no pic underneath it reads as 100k but when placing cursor over the black and there is part of the  pic underneath it  which shouldn't be showing it is picking up the colours underneath. I have tried changing transparency settings and rich black etc but the only way the black is solid over everything is when i change the black to registration! What is going on? Help!



      The image above show the read out as 100 percent black when cursor is placed on the black around the "zero" but if you place cursor either side on the black around the figures "5" the black changes! Hopefully you can see the change of black around the "zero"?