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    CS5.5 Production Premium via Akamai or direct download: unrecognised, small .dmg file size

    MisterKIKI Level 1

      A discussion / open call for help about my experiences downloading the product. This may help




      CS5.5 Production Premium (download version), Intel Based Mac


      My system:

      MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.8

      FireFox 7.0

      Safari 5.1

      Chrome 15



      Downloading the 8.2GB .dmg file from order history/your downloads page or opening downloaded file.



      1. Akamai shows that "download integrity is invalid". Confirming to start the process over yields same result. Also noticed that filesze is only 202.36MB.

      Screen shot 2011-09-30 at 18.54.31.png


      2. "Alternative download method" of direct download results in a 212MB file that is not recognised as a disk image.

      Screen shot 2011-09-30 at 19.52.58.png


      3. Speaking to chat support, and going through the above steps again, a direct link was eventually provided, but "access denied" error (to what appears to be the trial version of CS5, not CS5.5). We then had to initiate and cancel a Lightroom download, then go back to the direct link to start CS5 trial.


      Download started, but filesize was only 608MB, which cannot be right (no screenshot) No further help on this issue from chat support. I am expecting a call from them, but then I received a case update e-mail saying that they were "happy that we have started the download for Production Premium CS5.5", so not very encouraging.


      Also not clearly explained was why I was given the trial. I assume I can unlock the full version with my serial.



      4. Via CS5.5 product page, I started downloading trial using Adobe Download Manager. I have to hover over the progress bar to see what the download status is - 15 hours to go. At least it has initiated and seems to be downloading the right filesize. I am hoping I can just put my serial in this and unlock the full version.





      Not the smoothest experience so far. I'll update if this works.