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    Paste option has disappeared

    Courtney NHC

      Hi everyone!


      I have Dreamweaver CS4, and yesterday discovered that I no longer have the ability to paste. I usually use Ctrl+V to paste, and that wasn't working. So, I right-clicked for the right-click menu, and the Paste option isn't there. The space where it would normally be (between Copy and Paste Special) is blank. This is also the case in the Edit menu. It's not that "paste" is there but greyed out, it's not there at all. There is a space where it would normally be, but the space is empty. (Sorry for the redunancy, just making sure that there is no mistaking what my problem is.)


      I can't paste anything into the Design view at all, unless I use Paste Special. But I can paste into the code using Ctrl+V (the Paste option in the right-click and Edit menus is still not there).


      At first I thought it was because I was editing a funky table that someone else created, and for some reason it wouldn't let me paste normally. But now today I'm working on a perfectly normal page and it still won't work. Even if I create a brand new blank page, I cannot paste.


      Does anyone know why this might be happening and what I can do to fix it? It's making my job kind of difficult.