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    Force FB4.5 to recompile during code editing


      Hi, I'm fairly new to FB4.5 and have noticed a major problem when editing. In the project I'm working on, I've got a series of text boxes I'm placing on the screen using AS3. So during the editing process, while I'm experimenting with placement, I'll frequently move things around. The problem is, I'll go in and change the x_ and y_ position of maybe 6 boxes, but when I preview in the browser, the changes don't take place. Only if I actually go into the "" of the text field attribute and type some gibberish (which will show up onscreen, in the texbox, to confirm the change was made) will it show up correctly in the browser.


      At first, I thought maybe the browser was just caching the site or something, but clearing the cache didn't help. I realized that FB4.5 wasn't actually recompiling the code every time I hit the "Run" button to preview it in the browser. Only when it "think" I'm making changes to the actual text, apparently. Has anyone else run into this problem, and if so, is there a quick fix? I just want it to recompile EVERY TIME I hit "Run," so the browser accurately reflects the code changes. Thanks.