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    Apply styles in an excel table


      I have a nightmare of a project creating 100's of nametags from an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel document has three columns, name, title, and organization. I have an InDesign document set up 6 nametags to a page and a different style set up for name, title, and organization. I don't want to manully apply styles to each tag. Is there a way to apply a style to each Excel column? Or even create a key command for each style would speed things up (I couldn't figure out how to do this). Any advance or tips on how to tackle this would greatly appreciated.


      THANK YOU!!!

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a job for data merge. Check it out it the Help files. You'll have to save your excel sheet as csv or tab-delimited. Then you can set up one instance of your tag formatted to your specs, and the datamerge function plug in all your data on the six-up sheet.

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            I think you can try Datamerge option, for this type of work. Check Data merge option.

            In my opnion you can use table with data merge option, or with seperate boxes for each

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              This is indeed a job for Dara Merge, but it sounds like a multipel records per page merge, and you'll have to modify your template.


              When you do a mutiple records per page merge, EVERYTHING that is on the page get's duplicated as many times as it will fit using the spacing parameters you set in the merge options. If you've filled the page with 6 palceholders, you won't get six differnt badges.


              The easiest thing you can do is start by drawing an no-fill, no stroke frame in the positon on the page where the first badge will be. Put everything inside that frame area. You can apply your styles to the paragraphs containing your placeholders, or apply character styles to the palceholders themselves, just like ordinary text. Build only the single instance on the page. During the merge, ID will duplicate it to make the other five.