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    Reader X won't install


      I've got a bizarre/annoying problem. Although there are some background details, the current situation is that Reader X will not install. I previously had Reader 9.4 (not sure of the exact version), and had a situation where I decided to uninstall Reader 9.4 and then install Reader X. Unfortunately when I went to install Reader X, the installer starts and then fails with the error "Installation errors encountered - Action list not found". I found an old installer for 9.2 and that version works fine, but when it tries to upgrade to X, the same error accounts. I did manage to get it back to 9.4.6, but that appears to be as high as it will go. In attempting to resolve the problem I uninstalled all of my Adobe products and much to my dismay I can't install Flash or Shockwave either. I know that Apple doesn't think I need Flash, but I really want to get it reinstalled. The only Adobe product I do use that will install is Acrobat Pro X.


      Anyone seen this error before? I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. Suggestions *greatly* appreciated!