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      i apologize if this is against the forum rules, but it seems easier just to post this link:

      there is a thread posted by my programmer about trying to get variables out of flash, into asp to search a DB, then back to asp, and back to flash....
      so far we have had NO luck.

      please have a look...
      many many units of positive energy will go out to the kind soul who can help us solve our problem...
      thank you
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          myStoryData = new LoadVars();
          myStoryData.ref = this;
          myStoryData.onLoad = function(succes){
          delete myStoryData;

          Build your asp file so it returns your data formatted as a queryString

          "&name=value&name=value" etc, etc.

          Access the values

          tmpValue = myStoryData["tmpHeadline"]

          use unescape(myStoryData["tmpHeadline"])

          if you had to escape the values to get them url safe

          I'll take all the positive energy I can get
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            zensoldier Level 1
            If you need to send data then just plug it onto your call to the asp page as a querystring
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              yarkehsiow Level 1
              thank you zensoldier,
              unfortunately i cannot understand what you have written....
              were you able to see an actual mistake in the code supplied in the link?
              anybody else? the offer is still good...