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    Is there a way to import content from a wiki into InDesign?

    BeeVee23 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm writing the documentation for a software product and I'd like to use a wiki to create the documentation using several users to author the starting content. However, an export from a wiki is never very attractive so I'd like to be able to bring the content into InDesign from the wiki, to massage it to look better. I see that I can export OpenDocument XML from Mediawiki, or a PDF, but can I use either for my InDesign document? This is a large project with over 1,000 printed pages of documentation. It also needs to be undertaken fairly swiftly, which is why I wanted to go this route.


      I have InDesign CS5 and have not yet installed a wiki so it can be anything you suggest.


      Thanks in advance for all your advice,