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    Stairway to heaven...


      Hello all,


      Here's a problem I can not find a solution.


      The layout in InDesign is two columns on a 20 x 28 cm. The index is made.

      Until then, no worries.

      This is where it starts:


      Knowing that I have shared my home page in 4 equal pieces (two marks on a temporary layer), each one 10 x 14 cm, I have to put in the final index, after each page number, in which area is the word indexed.

      Thus: tl, for the area from the top left, bl, for the bottom left, tr, for the top right, and br, for the right bottom.


      I see no way to do it automatically. Annoying, 13 000 entries!


      If someone has a great idea, I'm interested.


      Thank you in advance.