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    I am NOT a very happy bunny at the moment >=-{

    Inferna Serpentine1988

      Hello. Earlier this evening, I tried to watch the 3rd episode of the current 5th series of 'Would I Lie to You?' on BBC Iplayer. I tried to do this on my mum's computer - which I'm still on now - after the Internet failed to load up on my PC 3 times this afternoon. (I've attempted to upload the Internet on my PC a further 2 times so far this evening, but both tries have failed as well <=-(. My family's broadband connection plus my modem/router are working, but I will keep trying to access it after I've finished this message.) I successfully accessed the episode, but a message came up in front of it saying that I had to upgrade my mum's Adobe Flash Player software to version '10.1.0 or higher' in order to play it.


      I clicked on the highlighted portal provided and have made a total of 6 attempts so far to install the latest version of Flash Player that came up, being ''. However, despite me disabling the AVG Anti-Virus software on my mum's PC before downloading Flash Player from my 2nd attempt onwards, as well as trying to download the aforementioned software with and without 'McAfee Security Scan Plus' - since I originally felt that I didn't need it - the downloading process goes fine until this message comes up: 'Installation encountered errors Failed to initialise'. I will try to download it 1 more time with the McAfee 'Scan after I've finished my message. In the meantime, can anyone sort this out ASAP, please? People and I who are suffering from this problem will be VERY grateful if you do so. I look forward to hearing from at least 1 of you soon.