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    Problem with File: Package


      InDesign CS 5.5 (7.5.1), Universal Type Client 3.01, Gluon Plugin (Slugger, ProScale 10.0.0a, Cropster 9.0.1a, Greekster 9.0.0a)


      InDesign is freezing during Package or crashing, seemingly when the report is being generated (can't really tell, doesn't give a shout out of what it is doing at point). Linked files (native ai and psd) do not have illegal characters. Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions as to what is going on? This is an intermitent problem as well, nothing is constistent with what the linked files are, affecting 4 CPUs with the same setup and applications. Have been using FlightCheck to pack up jobs...


      Thank you!!!!!


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Check with Extensis to be sure you have the latest patches for Universal Type Client and that it is actually compatible with CS5.5. Your other plugins are suspects, too (try disabling them one at a time to test) but we see quite a few reports of problems packaging that turn out to be related to Suitcase. So far they seem to be fixable with updates from Extensis.