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    Do mobile apps developed with Flash Builder 4.5 rely on a redistributable or virtual machine?

    sneakyimp Level 2

      I'm very new to Flash Builder 4.5 and am still trying to get my head around it.  I'm freelance and my primary code pimp has asked me to justify using FB 4.5 to develop mobile apps rather than something like PhoneGap or native SDKs (Objective C, Java, etc.).


      I'm quite impressed with FB 4.5 and it seems quite plain to me that FB 4.5 tries very hard to provide all the tools necessary to create iOS/Android/Blackberry apps all from a single code base but I'm wondering a few things:


      1) Does this require the use of a redistributable or virtual machine?  I'm wondering both from a performance standpoint but also just to understand better how FB 4.5 provides this magic one-project-for-all-platforms capability.  I'm guessing there must be some kind of virtual machine abstraction in use -- or does FB 4.5 generate a fully native application for each platform without the need for a machine abstraction layer?


      2) Has anyone encountered a situation where any of the target platforms lack features or behave differently?  E.g., "I cannot access some hardware feature like the accelerometer on Android under certain conditions."


      3) Can anyone speak to the relative benefits or penalties that FB 4.5 offers relative to PhoneGap or other HTML 5 solutions?