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    Security Issues


      I want to set permissions that allow a pdf fillable form to be signed within reader but to not allow saving of the document. I am using these documents on Sharepoint and it seems that if I want a document to have the ability of signing I have to also allow it to be saved. Anyone have any suggestions? These documents are one use only and I dont want to save the changes back to the server. Saving locally only is ok though.





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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You may want to ask in the Acrobat forum since if the option is available (although I highly doubt it), it would be something on the Acrobat side. Possibly a script but I'm not sure.


          Been a while since I used Sharepoint but can't you put the PDF's in folders where people don't have write permissions? That would force them to save them locally before signing and saving (of course signing doesn't accomplish anything unless you can save.)