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    Recording Not Working

      I was recording a new movie and everything was fine. In mid record, I realized that I wasn't on the "manual" for recording. I stopped recording, went in to options and unchecked the enable... box, turned off my printkey program so I could use it for recording ( I have done this multiple times in the past). Now when I try to record, everything looks fine until I select "record. I get one shutter click then the record screen goes away and my project opens back up. No screen shot is taken from the "shutter" sound either. What is going on?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          jstib, Captivate needs access to your keyboard and it sounds like you have negated that needed permission by giving it to another program. I'm not familiar with "printkey" but can say with 99.9% certainty that it is your problem.

          If you are recording in Captivate, you may have to go to "msconfig" to disable automatic startup of this program in order to allow Captivate to do its thing. If you are not familiar with "msconfig", you can access it from the Start Menu > Run > (type) "MSCONFIG".