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    Updated Premiere seems to be "thinking" a lot more than usual, and not in a good way

    Neptunesalad1 Level 1

      I just updated to the newest Premiere running in Lion, etc. I'm working on a project with a huge variety of formats and sizes knocking around in there, but I'm just getting started on the timeline. When I hit play, PP seems to "think" about what's going on for a while before it will play. There's no spinning beachball, but it just sits there, often giving me a black screen in the monitor window. It's not frozen, and I can click aorund in the timeline and see other stuff, but it won't play. Then at a certain point in time, it will "catch up" and let me play like normal.


      FYI, I'm running 10 gigs of RAM, the newest Lion, and an 8-core processor. Any advice is greatly appreciated.