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    How do you make a slideshow for and ePub


      Unortunately none of the documentation bothers to tell you what works in ePub so basically 90% of the documentation doesn't apply. I've found tutorials on the web but they all apply to standard documents and it doesn't work in ePub. I can get videos to play which is ironic but I can't get slideshows to work. I've wasted hours and I'm no closer. The tutorials shows how to stack the images and change their state but that's where the help ends and the results never play once you output the file to an ePub format. It displays the first image and that's it. It won't play and you have zero control.


      They really need to simplify the process! Any other software you'd select the images and convert it into a slideshow. In InDesign you have to jump through a lot of hoops and none of it makes sense you just learn to jump through the hoop whether you like it or not. It really doesn't have to be this hard!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Slide shows are not supported in the EPUB2 format. Videos are not either, but will be supported in the EPUB3 format which is still in development. Videos are only viewable in a few of the eReaders like iBooks and the Nook.


          You best bet is to follow some discussions of people who work with EPUB regularly. I suggest Elizabeth Castro's postings which are usually up-to-date with what's new.


          Formatting ebooks - EPUB Straight to the Point


          Also, check out the MobileRead forums.



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            Belseth Level 1

            I'm new to ePub and it's impossible to find out what is supported. There is plenty of information on the web including from Adobe that shows things like slideshows in ePub material. Check out things like Adobe TV if you want to see what I'm talking about. They all either allude to or outright show these features in ePubs being generated by InDesign. At best it's false advertising. Just frustrating because I assumed getting into it all this could be done. And yes I did my homework. I've been all over the web just today and I'm still finding lots of information about making slide shows and such for ePubs through InDesign just not how to do it. Once again there's absolutely nothing on the web about "not" being able to do any of this. I doubt I would have made the investment at this stage if I had known the limitations but there seems to be a lot of overselling and under providing. Sorry but it is upsetting. I'm betting there's support if I go with Adobe's $700 a month service. There's lots of ePub magazines right now that prove me right.


            FYI you mentioned there isn't support for video. Here's text taken from Adobe's product page for Indesign.



            Embedded video and audio in eBooks

            Include video and audio in InDesign layouts you export to EPUB format to create more engaging digital books. Embedded audio and video play on mobile device that supports HTML5, like the Apple iPad.*


            This is what I mean about mixed messages. I have got video to work just the controls don't work the way they are claimed to work. It's impossible to separate what can be done from what isn't supported. And no it's not ePub support it's mostly software support from Adobe. They claim it's when you are software shopping but the truth is very different. I'm betting I can create a slideshow with Sigil and HTML code sadly my HTML skills are pretty sad. Adobe needs to remove the misinformation until they are ready to actually support those features and not through a $700 a month service.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm sorry you're unhappy, but you're working on the bleeding edge. Those of us who are have to work hard to keep up with constant changes right now.


              There is a bug/limitation that keeps the video you place in iBooks from showing a poster image. It just doesn't write the CSS correctly, nor does it do a couple other things. They have to be fixed by editing the CSS. It's just the way it is right now, take it or leave it. Elizabeth Castro's EPUB will tell you how.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                There is absolutely nothing that shows slideshows in EPUB.




                There are plenty of demos for DPS but that’s not related to EPUB which HTML and CSS based.





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                  Belseth Level 1

                  There's lots of stuff on the web including Adobe TV showing demos of interactive content mostly for the iPad but the iPad functionally is a really big iPod Touch. The point is they are intentionally blurring the line so you get the strong impression that the software supporting doing interactive content which apparently is not true. I just wish there had been more information out there on ePub limitations but Adobe doesn't sell software by telling what it can't do but hinting at what's possible sells a lot of software. Maybe it's a limitation of ePub but Adobe shouldn't show demos with interactive content.


                  In other videos he neglects to say InDesign doesn't natively support these functions but he calls up "Interactive Content Creator" and shows that you can in fact do the content that is interactive. Remember this is Adobe's own web site so you can see where there's a lot of confusion to say the least! This one goes into more detail but obviously things have changed since he did the video but I am going to try to figure it out later I just wanted to forward an example of what I'm talking about. There's no practical way to tell what is possible and what isn't with InDesign and ePub `if you are a newcomer and even the seasoned people disagree.


                  http://tv.adobe.com/watch/creative-suite-podcast-designers/adobe-digital-publishing-to-the -ipad-/


                  This is a non Adobe video but once again he shows interactive content on an ipad



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                    Belseth Level 1

                    I've been digging deeper and the confusion seems to be in part that Adobe released the video then stripped the functions out of InDesign because the Interactive Content Creator isn't the same. Like I say it's upsetting because they leave this information out there so perspective buyers see functions that their software doesn't actually support yet. The joke is the video is a year old so how long do we have to hold our breath until InDesign does what it claims to do?

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                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      I won’t claim that all of those videos are terrific. In the end they’re marketing tools.




                      You need to learn the distinction between the DPS tools and the EPUB functions in InDesign.




                      I’d also strongly recommend you take a deep breath or two…you are ranting at other InDesign users, not Adobe…and we’re the ones that can offer the most help.





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                        Belseth Level 1

                        Sorry for the rant. The problem is InDesign itself draws no line between DPS tools and EPUB tools. It's up to the user to sort the mess out. The frustration comes out of spending days trying to get functions to work that aren't apparently supported. I guess the lesson is try to be happy with the few supported functions and take what Adobe claims with a massive grain of salt. I also wasted a lot of time developing content that isn't supported based on Adobe PR. I made the plunge on the entire suite since I needed Photoshop for Mac and Mac copies of most of the other apps anyway. The primary reason though was InDesign but as I said it was based on what they claimed it would do as opposed to what it's able to do in the current version. I've worked Photoshop for 20 years and Aldus Photostyler before that. This is the first time I've seen Adobe fall down this badly on what it claimed versed what it can do. Like I say there's a lot of chaos concerning ePub and InDesign and Adobe is a big part of the problem.


                        Enough said on the subject.

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                          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I agree with Bob. I suggested a couple of good sources of information about EPUB earlier in this thread.


                          Go to the Digital Publishing Suite forum as a starting point to learning more about what you can do there. One good source I've found about DPS is a free iPad app, Digital Publishing Suite Tips, by Bob Bringhurst. Here is the link:


                          Digital Publishing Suite Tips for iPad on the iTunes App Store

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                            wildwebwest Level 1

                            Bob and Steve, in Belseths defense, Adobe offers a video on THIS web page:
                            Add interactivity to fixed layout EPUBs | Adobe InDesign CC tutorials


                            With that said, if you look at the captions, on 4:15 mins it shows "Create Buttons To Control Slideshow". 


                            I now realize that calling it a "Slideshow" is invalid.   I expected an automated slider like what I might create with MaxGalleria or NextGen Gallery.


                            What it really means is that the person visiting the Fixed Layout EPUB would need to click on each front and back pointer or image, to see each slide.  its not automated. 


                            As you know Steve, I broke through that bleeding edge and on my way to EPUB Fixed Layout stardom.  (well, ok, I"m exaggerating a bit).


                            I just wanted to let all know that there does exist Adobe Support info out there suggesting that EPUB can contain a slideshow, to correct Bob Levine, gently and with no guile.



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                              wildwebwest Level 1

                              Belseth, in defense of Adobe Indesign and Creative Cloud subscription, one must realize that with ALL the technology available already, the EPUB Fixed Layout has evolved even since October 2014.  If you watch Marie Concepcions Lynda.com video on EPUB Fixed Layout, you'll realize that even that video is outdated - but I believe it was updated just this summer.  


                              Adobe is releasing new fun gadgets and gizmos so quickly, and technology is evolving so FAST, that we can't quite beat on Adobe for releasing certain updates to the masses - especially for those of us who are very willing to jump on the bandwagon to sort things out and become leaders for a particular experience.   I really love that about Adobe, and I think they get beat up far too much, when things don't go EXACTLY the way technology consumers assume they will.   They cannot do a vulcan mind meld on this stuff.  


                              I for one, built my entire career on sorting things out, earning a nice living as a self employed custom web designer and digital media marketing pro.   Its part of the nature of things to figure it out, and it makes us better.


                              I hope my plea to soften your approach to this leading edge technology will not offend you.   Figuring things out for technology buffs is all in a days work. 


                              I will be happy to share my first Fixed Layout EPUB creation to help you and others see what is possible.  I'm not the best "designer" but I do know the software, and learning more every day of my geek life.    Have a wonderful day.





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                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                Look at the date on that post. It's more than three years old!


                                I'm locking this thread.