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    Editing Text Color with Adobe Acrobat X




      I recently bought Adobe Acrobat X, I believe it is the Pro version as that is the version that was listed when I bought it at my school.


      But, I am now wondering if it really is the Pro version, because I am having such a frustrating time trying to edit the color of PDFs (mostly journal articles) that I need to read for my classes. I need to edit the text color because they are always in black, and since I have so many articles to print, it makes my black ink run out too quickly. I have been able to do this before, fairly easily with computers at school and with a trial version of Adobe Acrobat I had used last year.


      But now it is very difficult to edit the text color. I do not see any option for "Advanced Editing" in the Tool menu. So sometimes I try to use the "Edit Document" option from Tools menu, then I right-click and Select All. Then I right-click again, and choose Properties. From there, I go to "Text" and I can change the "Fill" color (even though it only works one page, sometimes even just one paragraph at a time). Then, the problem with that often times, is it displays the new color text, imposed on top of the old black text, so it looks blurry sometimes.


      Other times, I use the "Copy with Formatting" option and paste it in word to edit text color there, but the formatting is not exactly the same, and is sometimes hard to read.


      Does this mean I got a lower version of Adobe Acrobat, or do you know of other ways to edit text color?


      I am quite frustrated as it has taken me hours to grapple with this. The whole point of buying Acrobat was so I wouldn't need to spend extra time going to computer labs at school to print these articles, and also to save money on printer ink.


      I don't know what is going on with this Acrobat--do you think it is the Standard version instead of Pro? It does say "Pro" on the case, but I just wonder if it is some kind of limited version for students, since I did get it at a discounted student price. Or if there is some mistake, because I know this simple task was so much easier before.


      Thanks for reading all my venting

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          lisabritne Level 1

          If you want to know you that which version of Adobe Acrobat you have, it simple just go to the properties of Adobe Acrobat and check which version of Adobe Acrobat you have. I am using have used the trial of pro version and it works cool.

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            MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Black ink is usually much cheaper than other colors. It isn't saving you anything by printing out your articles using other colors. Some printers have settings to allow you to print in a draft mode that will save you ink. One of the ideas of using Acrobat and pdfs is to read them on the computer, not to have to print them out. If reading on a computer is such a pain for you (it is for me), perhaps it would be cheaper in the long run to get a used iPad or an older tablet PC to read the articles on. It could be cheaper in the long run if you are using so much ink.

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              roroma9 Level 1

              Hi Lisabritne,


              Yes, I'm not sure why I was doubting it when I posted, but it is Acrobat Pro X, as it says in the Help section and the shortcut on the start menu. Are you able to edit text color easily in your trial version?

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                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                There are no differences in functionality between the trial version and the

                full version.

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                  roroma9 Level 1

                  Hi Michael,


                  For my printer, black and color ink both cost the same, so I prefer to not have to buy black ink at a much faster rate than the color ink. I did try for a long time to just read articles off the computer, and it does not work well for me, for several reasons, and buying other gadgets isn't going to help me with that. (I need to be able to have the paper in front of me, highlight and make side notes on it without the hassle of electronics to deal with.) I have tried to print in draft mode, but on my printer, it comes out too light to be able to read it. Thanks for your feedback.

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                    I have similar problems; I have Acrobat X, and searching the help feature and here, noone seems able to give a clear answer as to how to fix the color of text you add via the text box.  For some reaosn the default is set to red, but anything you want to use a form for you need black.  This is something that was easy to do in prior versions - but in Acrobat X they seem to ahve made it very difficult.

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                      lisabritne Level 1

                      You can edit text in any PDF by using trial version but as for as my knowledge and limited experience with Adobe I could not find any text color option in Adobe Acrobat. But you can highlight text in Adobe Acrobat. If you want to change the text color in PDF, I would like to recommend some another software which allows you to change the color of text and is available for download here.


                      Let me tell you how can change text color using this software. Open PDF file > go to "edit tab" > Click "edit" then highlight text to change the color. As you can see in the below screenshot.

                      change text color in PDF.png


                      Free free to ask. Hope it helps you. Don't forget to come back to share your views.