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    new i-7 Toshiba Satellite crashing  with PPro CS4, encore, AF

    Dennis_AandJ Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I realize this is an install problem but as of now I have spent over 5 hours with Adobe support and over two hours with Toshiba support, finally sending the laptop back in for testing with no problems found.  Just got the unit back and only installed the CS4 suite but still have the same problems:


      1. When opening the program from the start menu I can get a "display driver has recovered" sometimes with Nvidia error code 4 or 8 system recovers, program vanishes.
      2. Program opens appears normal start to move cursor and computer locks up, Ctrl,Alt,Dlt has no effect, waiting has no effect, have to pull battery.
      3. Or any combination of the above.

        The problem exists when running Premiere Pro, After Effects or Encore with no other programs running CS4 master suite, all other programs run fine, on a new Toshiba P770 custom build  (matchesP770 BT4G22)  

      All drivers updated from Toshiba site, CS4 updated from help menu.


      1. i-7 2630Qm @2GHz
      2. 6GB ram
      3. Nvidia 540M and Intel HD graphics family
      4. Win 7 home premium SP1 64bit
      5. Removed Norton trial

      I would appreciate any information as well as hearing from anyone who is running on a like laptop as I am stuck not knowing if there is a software, Adobe, or hardware, Toshiba problem, I have the same CS4 suit working on my desktop.