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    Can you help me understand hyperlink strangeness?

    johnmfeld Level 1

      I have a student InDesign file. It was created in 5.5 and saved as a IDML file and opened by me in 5.0.

      One of the hyperlinks is to a URL. In the Hyperlink panel I can see the link and it has no error.

      When I mouse over the listing, the tool tip says: psp.inddhttp://www and the rest of the URL.

      When I click on the actual link in the resulting PDF it works correctly, except he needs to change the URL, and I can fin no way to edit this hyperlink. I can make a new hyperlink, but then the resulting PDF will have two destinations.

      I have never seen anything marked psp.inddhttp...

      I am told this was created with the regular hyperlink control.

      In the story editor it looks like a regular hyperlink.

      When I look at the list of active hyperlinks (clicking on the URL drop down) the URL looks just fine.

      Two email links have also been converted to mailto:info%40psp.org?subject= and do not work when converted into a PDF.

      I know how to fix this issue, delete and start over, but I do not understand how this came about. Could it be from making the IDML?

      I am on a Mac and I have no knowledge of what platform this was created with.

      Thanks for any clarity on this.