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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.1 (016) - Crashes on FIle Import -

    rodney_ray Level 1

      What happen?  Trying to build a project.  Importing Mov, Jpg, Tiff, (that Worked).  But when I try to Import WAV files the system will Hang/Not Respond.  Have to "X" out of the program. 

      The Wav file came out of Sony Sound Fourge.  But have tried other Wave FIles (Digital Juice) and got the same error.


      I have coloasped my file structure (Files were 4 directores down, changed to 3 which is normal)  Changed Source drives (both SSD)  Trid other WAV files on HHD with the same result. 


      Thied to import WAV file into After Effets and that seem to work.


      Ran Bridge update, even though I downloaded 3 updates.  I'm Getting the same result.  Have recycled the PC, but no change.