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    How to stop page shift on MB-Pro ID5?


      I generally work on a 24 inch display using Windows 7. However when travelling (I have 42 hours of air travel coming up in 20 hours), I package the files and use a 13" Macbook Pro (late 2010) with 10.6.8 O/S. Both are ID-CS-5.


      In working on a 6 x 8 book, where I have to zoom a bit to see the screen, the page keeps shifting. It is not doing this because I am running out of room in zoom mode. It is most annoying, and I wondering if there is some setting I am missing. I've tried google and the forum search, but am not sure I know what the right word is to describe the problem.  Would one call it an unsolicited jump, shift or what?


      For example, I have a two column page. I started a new line on the second column and I have a zoom of 300%. I type in test and when I hit the space bar, it moves the screen to the left even though I have five inches of open screen to the right. I type in test again, and it jumps after the s. Do it again and it seems to be random, but in a single column it moves five or six times, which breaks concentration. It appears to move the screen about five characters at a time. If I hit backspace and erase, but do not reset the screen where it was, it does not start shifting the page to the left until I get to about where I left off.


      How can I get the page to lock itself down, and not move until I use the arrow buttons that come with Apple?