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    Pixelation Problem...

    Gareth Roberts1

      Having trouble getting rid of the pixelation thats occurring on the floor of this animation (see attached image).

      The 3D scene has been created in cinema 4d, rendered out as individual TIFF PSD files, then put together in After effects. Finally being rendered out as a .MOV file.

      The floor contains a material with Colour, Luminance and Reflection Channels selected and only pixelates when rendered out of After effects. There is no pixelation visible even up to the point of previewing it in After effects.


      Not sure whether it's the material that's causing the problem or the After effects render settings or even the C4D settings??


      Can anyone help??


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, there's a couple of things:


          a) compression artifacts from JPEG/ MPEG compression

          b) 8bit banding

          c) possible issues with C4D linear workflow vs. Gamma


          b) can easily be remedied by using 16bpc in AE and of course also 16bit or 32bit saving in C4D. It wil lreappear, though, as most standard CoDecs are 8bit. c) can also be fixed easily with proper adjustments and/or turning off linear workflow in C4D. a) is inevitable and alo touches upon what I said regarding b) already.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If it's not compression artifacts could be alpha channel aliasing. Personally I'd blur the reflection a bit, render lossless before you compress or render your compressed footage directly from the AE project file in Adobe Media Encoder using multi pass compression.