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    multiple values

      There are several form fields in one form.
      one of the field is a pick list which can be selected multiple values and these values are from a different table.
      In this case, should i create another table to insert them?
      or uisng list function, just put them into the same table with other fields?
      i think if i put them into the same table using list(), how can I update the value if it is changed from other table?
      any suggestions on this case?
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          Scott Stroz
          Typically, it is not good practice to store comma delimited lists in a relational database.

          In cases like this I will typically store the data in another table, especially if it is data that will need to be updated.
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            Dan Bracuk Level 5
            No offense, but the fact that you asked that question indicates that you probably don't know anything about database normalization. If you are doing web development for a living, that knowlege is at least as important as sql or cold fusion.

            Apparently there are places to learn this stuff on the web (it's not exactly rocket science). A good set of words to google is "Data Modelling".