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    Question about dng profiles

    Vit Novak Level 3

      Question for Eric or his coworkers ...


      Is there some limitation regarding size of LUT in the a dng profile? Biggest profiles produced by Adobe have 90x16x16. For profiles made with my program I'm using bigger LUT (120x16x61), in order to reduce slight banding issues and improve precision in shadows. I posted some of those profiles on CHDK forum when people were asking about them, and lately, I posted a profile for Canon 40D because Noel wasn't satisfied with sky saturation using Camera Standard


      I'm asking this because ACR 6.5rc1 crashed 3 or 4 times so far, reporting an error, so I returned version 6.4. Also, ACR 6.5 published a day or two ago had some problems with screen refreshing after zooming a cropped image (so I reverted to 6.4 again). All previous versions were working flawlessly


      I'm using Windows XP 32 bit, computer has 4 GB RAM

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          For what it's worth, Vit, I opened quite a few raw files yesterday with 6.5 and the profile you sent without incident.  Thanks again for that profile.


          I did have Photoshop just quit twice on doing a File - Save As, but that was once after having converted an image with ACR 6.4 and once after 6.5 (then doing a lot of work in Photoshop proper).


          Post a thread on the refresh problem you saw with 6.5.  I'll be happy to try to reproduce it.



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            Vit Novak Level 3

            I suppose it's not because of profile, as I didn't have any problems until ACR 65rc1, but just want to make sure


            If it is, I can make smaller one for you (just it would be slightly less accurate)


            About refreshing problem (6.5 release), I opened a group of raws from 400D. First one had a crop made previously. When I zoomed it, nothing happened (I think I was using Ctrl, as I wasn't in a zoom pane, but I'm not sure). Then selected the second photo and returned to the first one. It appeared zoomed now. Strange.



            Edit: tried editing some older Canon SX110 raws (dng) with ACR 6.5 again. Selected a group of about 100 photos, selected all of them, zoomed all of them at the same location to correct a bad pixel on some photos with spot removal tool. After correcting 10-15 photos, I got an error "The operation could not be completed". If I close error message, the same error window reopens again ...

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Having edited a number of additional photos today using the profile you made without any problems, I am feeling pretty confident that the problems I had yesterday were not with the profile.  I was saving into a temporary folder with a HUGE number of files, and the quit occurred exactly when the Save As dialog would have populated the list of files in the folder.  Having cleared most of the files out of that folder, I have seen no more quits.