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    Panning camera causing image stutter




      I have a pre-comp set up that is a bunch of images of 3d cutout people and ground layer that is 10,000px width and it is nested in a separate comp with a camera panning across for 24 sec that comes to an end at a logo resolve. Simple right?


      I'm having major issues when it comes to rendering..


      1. When i interlace i get artifacts in some brighter areas of the cut out people.

      2. When it's progressive the image stutters so much that your brain overloads.


      I've played with motion blur, problem is that we need to still be able to resemble the cut out people whilst camera is panning along. I also tried slowing down the pan..


      I think the problem lies in the camera move being too fast and wishing that my eyes would see clearly without the stutter when the truth is that moving images calls for motion blur..


      If anyone has any idea's or any help that'd be much appreciated!