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    Error (15) in a document, readable by other pdf viewers


      Hi all,


      I am using pdfedit, an open source tool, on ubuntu x86-64, to insert pages from several pdf files into a master pdf file.

      Now, in the resultant master pdf file - most of the pages are inserted correctly, and the document, approx. 190 pages, is viewable in acrobat reader, no problems.

      But, 3 pages, having 3 heavy plots, when viewed with acrobat reader, both windows/linux, both version 9.4 and version X on windows, all fail with the message

      "There was a problem reading this document (15)".


      Now - the pdf file is completely viewable in other viewers, e.g., foxit on windows, okular, evince, etc., in ubuntu.


      Moreover, the original pdf which has these plots is also completely viewable in all viewers, including acrobat reader.


      So - question is what's wrong with acrobat reader?

      How do I fix it?


      I would also need to print this file as a book - and therefore, the printing sevice would most probably use acrobat reader or other acrobat products.

      So - it would be better for me as well....


      Thanx for any help, in advanced,