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    Stuck on formatting for YouTube, Premiere 10 user


      Hi all.  I upgrade to Elements 10 from 7 now that is seems to have more ways of formatting the video out of avi for YouTube.


      I have a simple DV old camcorder capturing in widescreen.  I make my video and that's all fine but when I chose Share to create the movie for YouTube I've been picking Computer, MPEG, and trying several of the options.  Problem is no matter what I upload it seems there is always a black rectangle on youtube and my video does not fill the entire space.


      So my question is what format should I use for exporting?  or am I doing something wrong?  If I want to show large resolutions on YouTube should I get an HDV camcorder?  Or I am I capturing from my old DV camcorder improperly?


      I've tried lots of export options and uploaded to youtube and it doesn't fly, it gets cropped out but the picture looks a little better from past software I used.  I am trying to get the video to look better, but I don't know if it's because I am not exporting the video properly, not taking advantage of proper conversions, or I need a better camera.


      Any help would be much appreciated.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You definitely should not be loading an MPEG to YouTube. That's probably the least efficient option to use.


          Version 10 has a very nice option to load directly from the program to YouTube. You'll find it as an option under Share/Online.


          You can also use Share/Computer/AVCHD and select the standard definition YouTube preset to create an MP4 that you can then manually upload to YouTube.

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