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    Is it possible to still get GoLive


      The reason I ask is because of a personal disaster. Afetr upgrading my Macbook Pro to Snow Leopard my CS3 apps didn't work so i reloaded them, completely forgetting GoLive wasn't on there. The last time I loaded it i think I got it from a folder on a CS2 disc but I'm not sure as all my program discs are on a container heading abroad. I was using my MacPro tower up to a week ago and have just had a load of web work emailed to me and no GoLive. I have no interest in trying to use Dreamweaver but would like to get hold of GoLive to install. I don't think my customer is prepared to wait 6 weeks before I have my discs delivered.


      is there any way i can still get GoLive, does anyone still sell it. i'll have to buy it as a download as delivery is out of the question as we are moving to Turkey and I don't think they have postmen.


      Any help gratefully received.