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    Make image appear to extend out of its frame

    posterns Level 1

      I need to place an image of an eagle into a circle and my client wants one wing to extend out of the oval. I know I've done this sort of thing in the past in Illustrator  and Photoshop but wanted to know of a way to do this without too much trouble in InDesign. I have the eagle silhouetted in Photoshop. What I need to have happen is to have pretty much all of the eagle within the oval box, which will have a filled stroke to it, but with some of the left wing extending over the stroke and out of the oval. I've done something like this in the past by positioning a second layer of the silhouetted image over the first, but since I need to hide parts of the right side of the eagle by the right side of the image box, I was wondering if there is an easier way to do this.


      Thanks for any help