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    Taking hours to import MXFs into 5.5 due to conform process - any workaround?


      I'm investigating whether PPro 5.5 can integrate into our tapeless workflow, and I've hit a major problem almost immediately.


      I work for a broadcaster, and we need PPro to be able to import full-length movies encoded as XDCAM HD422 1080i50 in an MXF wrapper, so that we can then subclip and edit promos from them. Typical filesize is 50-60GB, and the files are generated by an Omneon media server system. FCP can do this (with the MXF4mac import plug-in), and it "just works" - the file imports and it's ready to work with immediately.


      Since PPro has native support for both the codec and wrapper I didn't expect any issues, but the problem seems to be the conform process that happens as soon as you import any file. It's impossible to work with the file until the conform is complete, and it take hours, literally. I'm testing this on a quad-core iMac which handles the same files with no problem in FCP7.


      Our MXFs have 8 mono audio channels, but only 2 of them are used (as a stereo pair). Unfortunately, PPro insists on conforming all 8 channels individually, which takes anything from 90 minutes to 2 hours. Is there any way to avoid this?


      While the conform is happening, you can load the file into the viewer window and scroll through it, but it's very unresponsive, taking several seconds to update each frame, and the only audio you can hear is that which has already been conformed.


      The bottom line here is that while there is such a huge amount of time between importing the file and actually being able to work with it, PPro is pretty much useless for our purposes, which is disappointing because otherwise it seems to offer everything we need as a replacement for FCP7 when we come to make that move. Can it be made to play nicely with our media? Is there some import option or process that makes the files instantly useable? We really want to make this work!