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    Function Map interaction

      I have a map with a series of 165 lots. Each lot is a different number (1-165). I want to create a function that when each lot is clicked, it causes the parent movie to show images and text based on the choosen lot. The called information will have the lot number as part of its name (ie - lot 101, images = image101_1.jpg, text = text101.txt). The base level (parent) should be the same structure for all. I simply want to click a lot on the imported SWF map and have the supporting documents be available. One of the things I envision is having a variable on the base level (i) that changes according to end-user choices. Because I also want the user to be able to look at an assortment of images based on the lot choice. (for instance, multiple pictures of lot 101.) so a variable build that enables lot selection (i) with image viewing (p).

      Can I do something like this?
      loadMovie("images/image"+i"_"+p+".jpg", "square");

      Any help is appreciated on this topic. I am designer first, and programmer only by necessity (but do love the mental stimulation!)